Underfloor Heating

A modern alternative to conventional radiators

Underfloor heating is an effective alternative method to heat your home replacing the need for radiators where underfloor heating is installed. A water underfloor heating system is a series of pipes connected to your boiler to circulate warm water throughout the floor to heat the space, similar to radiators. Alternatively, you can connect the underfloor water pipes to a solar water-heating system, air-source or ground-source heat pump. The pipes will be connected to your heat source using a manifold and will also be fitted to a thermostat and zoned enabling you to regulate the temperature.

The process of installing underfloor heating is time consuming and if it is being installed within an existing home can be quite a lot of upheaval. Firstly the existing floor will need to be completely removed and taken down to base level. The underfloor heating pipes are then laid and fixed to the subfloor, using fixing clips. Pipes will then need to be connected to a manifold, the heating system and a thermostat to control the heat for that room. Once the pipes are down an insulating screed (a material usually made of cement and sand) is put on top to hold the pipes in place, insulate the system further and to level out the floor. Once the screed has been set your choice of flooring can then be installed.

If you are thinking of installing underfloor heating and would like to discuss the possibility in more detail please get in touch.

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